Navigating in “Cancer-Land” is like walking 10 miles wearing a blindfold.  It is a scary and lonely road for most patients and their loved ones.  Through public service campaigns, TV documentaries, educational programs, fundraiser events, media attendance, and global ambassadors, we strive to close the gap of loneliness that patients and loved one experience when cancer strikes.

Our online platform Serenity Academy is the first of its kind, offering self-help programs for newly diagnosed cancer patients, patients living with cancer, and patients who are terminally ill (and their loved ones).  Our programs are developed with inspiration from survivors who "walked the path,” current patients, caregivers, children, and healthcare professionals.  Our programs have been tested and donated to thousands of families in 5 countries since 2011.

Supporting children is one of our additional areas of focus. One in seven children (on average globally) will lose a parent or sibling before age 20, and the lack of support from their surroundings creates an environment conducive to loneliness and isolation. Childhood grief healing tools and programs are a part of Serenity Academy. We plan to expand the programs globally to public schools and grief organizations. 

In collaboration with a professional team, global alliance partners, global ambassadors, influencers, corporate businesses, and health providers, our aim is to create a global ripple effect of positive change in the way patients and families cope when cancer strikes. 

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Our Vision

Women Fighting Cancer is an ambitious initiative to advocate for, empower, and connect women fighting cancer and their families around the world. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to change the feelings of powerlessness associated with cancer into hope, clarity and peace of mind.


The Story Behind Women Fighting Cancer

Social Entrepreneur, Cancer Survivor, and Global Philanthropist Susan Binau was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in Oct 2006 a few days after her son's second birthday. She supported 6 close friends who lost their battles to cancer while she survived. She drew directly from their experiences, developing tools people can use at the time they are diagnosed with cancer and/or coping with the end of life.

Susan, who has been at death’s door five different times as a result of cancer, life-threatening illness, and accidents, understands how lonely and devastated one can feel when facing an illness or terminal condition.

She has devoted the past 10 years to supporting and educating critically ill patients and their caregivers.  She has founded charities on two continents to help raise funds for the first global pilots project (2011 - 2016). Susan is the founder of Women Fighting Cancer and Serenity Academy – the first-ever online platform providing programs for the terminally ill and their loved ones.

Inventor of the AngelKIT Package, she has reached more than 15,000 families in 5 countries in collaboration with professional volunteers. healthcare professionals, hospitals, and hospices.  She also has authored the Caring Soul Series and The Super Dog Grief Healing Series with her children.

Born in Copenhagen (Denmark), home of the little mermaid, Susan lives in Florida (United States) and travels internationally, sharing her story of survival and the spiritual survival skills that can help any of us overcome life’s toughest curveballs.


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