Meet the Team

Susan Binau


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Born in Denmark, Susan is a global philanthropist, social entrepreneur, published authormotivational speakerbusinesswoman, and colon cancer survivor.  Learn more about Susan on her website:

Kali Mutty


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Kali is an experienced digital creator who has successfully created and managed brands in unique and challenging industries.  Her cousin and aunt, who both survived breast cancer, fuel her passion to empower other patients.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is made up of experienced professionals with unbiased perspectives.

They provide our professional team with advice, industry knowledge, oversight, and encouragement.

Duane LeGate

Founder & Executive Chairman of CINC

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Duane LeGate is the founder and former CEO of CINC, the fastest growing real estate technology company, ever.  He currently serves as the company's Executive Chairman.

Carrie Shak

Technical Project Manager

at Disney Parks

Experiences & Products

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Carrie was an original co-founder of Women Fighting Cancer (established 2015).  She currently works for Walt Disney World in Orlando FL.

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