Q-Talks for Women

The world has never been so connected, yet we feel more and more distanced from each other. Kind and empathic conversations are a rarity, and that´s something we at Q Talks want to change!


We know that illness can be a prolonged and very emotional process, and that's why talking with people in similar situations, in an anonymous setting, can be helpful in overcoming loneliness.


We hope that the Q-talks app can be a helpful experience for you.  

When cancer strikes, most people don't have a roadmap. The lack of cancer awareness, its symptoms, and knowledge about treatment options makes it challenging to navigate in “cancer land." The journey is emotionally and psychically exhausting, and loneliness is a side effect.


Conversations and shared stories with people who go through similar experiences can empower, bring hope and help to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

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