Serenity Academy


Serenity Academy is a FREE online platform providing support for patients and families facing life-threatening or terminal illness.

The instructor is colon cancer survivor and founder of Women Fighting Cancer, Susan Binau.

Newly Diagnosed Patients

Patients Living with Cancer

Terminally Ill Patients

Loved Ones & Caregivers

Mothers Fighting Cancer


Mothers who are fighting cancer and struggling with life and death also have to worry about someone else's needs.  Most mothers don't have much time to contemplate what's happening to their body because their attention is in constant demand.  It is important to discover strategies to give you more time to focus on your own physical and emotional needs.

It is helpful to have basic knowledge about grief healing and how to best support your child.  Our strategies and tools focus on helping your child heal and preserving your legacy with your child for years to come.

Q Talks for Women


The world has never been so connected, yet we feel more and more distanced from each other. Kind and empathic conversations are a rarity, and that´s something we at Q Talks wants to change!


We know that illness can be a prolonged and very emotional process, and that's why talking with people in similar situations, in an anonymous setting, can be helpful in overcoming loneliness.


We hope that the Q-talks app can be a helpful experience for you.  

Grief Healing Books


The Caring Soul Series is a collection of inspirational books by Women Fighting Cancer founder Susan Binau based on the experiences and wisdom of people who have faced challenging life events ranging from serious illnesses and death to grief. 


Each book in the series has been carefully selected to provide knowledge, relief, and comfort for anyone facing a most difficult time.   

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