Serenity Academy

Serenity Academy is a FREE online platform providing support for patients and families facing life-threatening or terminal illness.

Filled with practical tools, extensive research, and compassion, these programs cultivate clarity of mind and improved decision making in addition to offering spiritual insight.  Serenity Academy uniquely relates to people facing tough journeys, helping to guide them to a more confident and stable perspective in preparation for the road ahead.

At the heart of the programs are voices of people who walked the path and bravely found ways to live meaningfully while battling cancer, and what they did to prepare for a dignified passing.

The instructor is colon cancer survivor and founder of Women Fighting Cancer, Susan Binau.




It is natural to feel overwhelmed by fear and confusion if you have just received the news that you have cancer.  This program focuses on what you can do: researching your cancer, reaching out for support, and taking one day at a time. Become your own advocate with support from the people that you trust.

Patients Living with Cancer

Cancer can be closely watched and treated, but sometimes it never completely goes away. It can be a chronic (ongoing) illness.  This program focuses on helping patients adjust to the "new normal." It takes time for everyone to fully understand the lifestyle changes that occur as a result of living with cancer, and it can be difficult to cope with.

Terminally Ill Patients

Talking about dying is not easy, but it is extremely important.  This program focuses on end-of-life planning, quality of life, and dignity with practical and spiritual tools used by patients who have stared down the same path.

Loved Ones & Caregivers

If someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer, chances are you and other members of your family are still in shock.  This program focuses on learning to understand how to stay calm during this roller coaster, as well as how to best take care of yourself to avoid stress and emotional burnout. 


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